Why the adulterated edible food appears in the market continuously?

    The recent cooking oil scare will take a toll on the nation’s GDP growth this year, as concerns over food safety hurt consumption, a local think tank said yesterday. In addition to the oil, some edible foods, including soft drinks, bakery products and others edible foods were found intentionally with false label or being adulterated(攙假)

 with illegal food additives on the market in the past four years. This on going situation do awaken the public and government to think why so many unsafe foods appeared in the marketplace.

    I believe that it's the huge profits for those business men to sell such kinds of merchandise. Consumers have no information or skills to distinguish the good from the harmful products such as adulterated or false label foods package. As a result, it's the government duty to put effective measures and solutions to stop merchandises to continually develop and sell such harmful products on the market, offering the consumers in the safety food consumption.


   Historically recorded , the fine was insignificantly small compared the huge profits these companies can make, which gave them opportunities to gamble the risk of being caught in producing adulterated products. Therefore, It's the right time to renew the law and pass the new law to suppress the greed of those businessmen who seek to make excessive money by ripping off consumers. 

    After a hot debate in the mass media, people learn that cooperation between manufacturing, academia, political and commercial interests in food safety are common. So, it is the right time for government to reflect on what brought about the situation where businesses and academics work so closely together, which has led some people to succumb to greed. If the government can not take the action to curb this situation immoderately, it should at least release the information or the list of illegal products for consumers to make a choice. 

     It is also the time to take a closer look at business ethics and social responsibility in the country, here in Taiwan. With the long period of inaction, people were disappointed in the ruling government, and one of the key reasons was the incompetence of the leader, the president, pulling in the official's bias toward consortiums and ignoring the public's demand while setting the economic policies and standards.In view of government bureaucrats may not be able to improve shortly,Some scholars have proposed to encourage employees to report illegal acts within the company, and provides the reporter a reward up 50% the amount of money that manufactures fined, to compensate for the lack of government .


     The government has duties to protect the public interest; people’s rights to life, health and property. So, the departments need to take effective manner to block harmful-goods manufactures and cannot sidestep their duties of the government machine.(Mano summit in Dec 17th,2013)


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